DAVID Mundell was accused of “fronting up a government that’s trampling all over the devolution settlement”.

The Secretary of State for Scotland looked uncomfortable as Scottish Labour’s Lesley Laird accused the Tory of having absolutely no influence over the rest of government.

Mundell promised in December that he would see the Tory repeal Bill amended after outrage from the leadership of all Scottish parties – including his own.

That didn't happen.

Laird took the minister to task at Scottish Questions in the Commons today.

"We're a year away from leaving the EU, yet Scotland's invisible man in the Cabinet can't even blag himself an invite to the away day at Chequers to discuss Brexit," she said.

But Mundell insisted progress was being made.

"I'm confident that we will be able to bring forward such amendments," Mundell told MPs at Scottish questions.

"We are in significant discussions with the Welsh Assembly Government and the Scottish Government.

"They both acknowledge that we have tabled to them a significant proposal for changing the Bill and I hope to hear their detailed response to that tomorrow."

He added: "I remain very positive about being able to reach agreement with both the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government.

"I believe they are sincere in their expressed view that they wish to reach such an agreement and we will take every step in ensuring that we negotiate to a position where we can reach that agreement."

Yesterday there were reports that the Tory Government were unwilling to bend any further in the negotiations over the powers being repatriated to the UK from Brussels after Brexit.

Clause 11 in the Withdrawal Bill means that all of the 111 responsibilities in devolved areas due to come back to Britain after Brexit should go straight to Whitehall.

This has been described as a “power grab” by the Scottish and Welsh governments.

Since that Bill was first published late last year, there has been some agreement between the governments over 86 of those powers.

But UK ministers insist the other 25 should be part of a national framework, and that the Scottish Government should be consulted rather than given the power of veto.

Unless agreement can be reached then it’s unlikely any changes to Clause 11 will satisfy Scottish ministers, which means Holyrood will likely refuse to give their consent to the Bill when it comes before them.

This won’t stop Brexit, but it will be unprecedented.

SNP MP Hannah Bardell said: "Has the Secretary of State given up on getting consent of the Scottish Parliament for any changes to its powers on the devolved settlement that this Tory Government has to make?

"Or is he so out of the loop he no longer gets invited to Cabinet meetings, and has quite simply become an irrelevance?"

Mundell replied: "I don't know who briefs her, but the Joint Ministerial Council for EU negotiations is meeting tomorrow.

"We're meeting with Mike Russell and Mark Drakeford and we're hoping to take forward solid progress that we've achieved over the course of these meetings."

He added: "I would be very pleased if after tomorrow's meeting of the JMC, we're able to bring forward an agreed amendment that can be lodged in the House of Lords.

"That's certainly the aspiration of the UK Government."

LibDem Alistair Carmichael asked Mundell about protections enjoyed by Scottish produce just now that might be lost after Britain leaves the EU: "What progress has been made in ensuring that Scotland's food producers will still have the protection that they need for important geographic brands such as Orkney beef or Shetland lamb after we've left the European Union?"

Mundell replied: "I can assure him that despite scare stories to the contrary, which have appeared in some parts of the media, there will be no change to the protection of these brands or the allowing in of false brands purporting to be them."

Speaking after the session, SNP MP Tommy Sheppard said: "Just after the EU referendum, David Mundell pledged to protect Scotland’s interests and to get the best deal for Scotland - which in his words – ‘involves being part of the single market’. It’s time he stood by his words, and delivered on his promise to the people of Scotland.

"Instead of answers to any of the SNP's questions, there were vacuous generalities without the crucial detail. It’s clear that neither David Mundell nor any of the other Tory ministers have any answers when it comes to the biggest political challenge the country faces.”