WALKERS are the latest firm to be accused of harming Scotland the Brand, with its Scottish shortbread being sold abroad using Union flag branding.

People took to social media to complain after discovering the switch from the Saltire to the Union flag.

The Moray-based firm, which producers oatcakes, cakes and biscuits, sells its products in more than 60 countries.

The debate began with a post by Alison Brown on Facebook, shared more than 900 times in less than a day.

She wrote: "It breaks my heart! This is how Walkers are marketing our famous Scottish shortbread in Germany!

"Our hard won Scottish branding is being systematically desdtroyed! For what? To protect their Union! I feel so sad and angry."

The National:

Walkers are not the first major firm to be accused of "Union Jackery", with both Tesco and M&S both facing huge backlash over similar moves.

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However, she has since shared another post, saying that a friend had informed her the firm was set to return to the Saltire.

Brown said her friend, Roger Shepherd, wrote: "Having Spoken to Mr Walker, the board had an emergency meeting today, realising that this one product out of 3000 Walkers products wrapped in the Union Jack was in fact a terrible marketing faux pas, and this packaging will be changed to their usual tartan design.

"It's cost them more in less of credibility and confusing marketing as well as loyal customers who now have decided to buy shortbread projects elsewhere."

The row had already spread to the Walkers Facebook page, with Unionists defending the firm as those in favour of protecting Scotland's brand gave their criticism.

Stephen Stewart wrote: "Once again the Unionists drape our products in a flag reviled the world over."

David McNeil said: "How to ruin a great so-called Scottish product ... the marketing numpties have show themselves in the foot with this crazy idea."

Toni Adams, praising the Union flag, wrote: "Don't take notice of the narrow-minded separatists and their quest to banish our wonderful Union flag."