WHO is Britain's most influential woman ever? According to an ongoing poll, the answer is Nicola Sturgeon.

The First Minister is leading a Sky News poll ahead of Queen Elizabeth II and a host of other famous names.

Just behind the Queen, in third place, is SNP MP Mhairi Black, trailed by Princess Diana in fourth and Margaret Thatcher in fifth.

That also puts the SNP duo ahead of Emmeline Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale and the Bletchley Park women.

Prime Minister Theresa May is sitting outside the top ten, in 16th place.

As National columnist Lesley Riddoch pointed out on Twitter, an upset could be on the cards.

There are a total of 100 of Britain's most influential women listed, and you can vote for as many – or as few – as you want.

Sky News worked with Equality Now to compile the list as the world prepares to mark International Women's Day on Thursday.

We're not saying you should go over to the poll and vote ... but here's a link.