FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon has praised a "hero" bus driver after meeting with her in person.

Dash cam footage captured during the Beast from the East snowstorm last week shows Charmaine Laurie swerving to narrowly avoid a car as it skids into her path.

Sturgeon met with the Lothian Buses driver as she visited the firm, with the Scottish Government currently marking the beginning of apprenticeship week.

The First Minister expressed her gratitude to Laurie and tweeted that she was a "local hero".

Speaking in a television interview with the BBC shortly after the incident, Laurie said: "I just saw through the snow the car U-turn in front of me so I didn't have much time to react.

"I just tried to brake but my back end started to slide out, so I had to take my foot off the brake and just try and glide through the space that was there.

"A lot of it is just instinct but we are trained to be aware of these situations, so that's why I didn't brake heavily."

The near-crash, which happened in Edinburgh last Wednesday, was captured by a van's dash cam.

There were 20 passengers on the bus at the time.