NICOLA Sturgeon has condemned the Prime Minister's Brexit speech today as "meaningless rhetoric".

Sky News political editor Faisal Islam shared an excerpt from the upcoming speech on Twitter, outlining Theresa May's "five tests" on the Brexit deal.

According to Islam, these five tests are: "1. Respect the referendum 2. An agreement that endures 3. Protect jobs and security 4. Consistent with open outward-looking European democracy 5. Strengthen the union."

He concludes that these are pretty "non-specific" tests, since they do not include, for example, no hard Irish border.

Nicola Sturgeon also took to Twitter to slam the speech as being devoid of substance.

She tweeted: "The time for vacuous, meaningless rhetoric like this is long gone. The PM’s speech must set out exactly HOW she intends to achieve her (seemingly contradictory and unachievable if we leave single market/customs union) objectives."

Theresa May is expected to deliver her speech later today.