RUTH Davidson has been accused of being led along by hardline Brexiteers - and abandoning her previous Brexit position.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has said her MPs will support the Prime Minister on Brexit votes "if she fulfils her principles".

Davidson was questioned on whether the 13 Scottish Conservative MPs will vote with Theresa May on amendments to trade legislation, after three joined pro-Brexit MPs in a written demand for a clean break with the EU.

Pushed to guarantee the vote, on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme, Davidson said: "We will support her if she fulfils her principles, which I expect her to do."

However SNP MSP George Adam has said that Davidson has turned her back on her earlier pro-EU and single market stance.

He stated: "It's clearer than ever that Ruth Davidson is being led by the hard-line Brexiteers in her party, rather than standing up for Scotland's interests.

"The Tories now think they can do anything to Scotland and get away with it. Ruth Davidson has abandoned her previous support not only for staying in the EU but the single market too - which she once said was the 'overriding priority'."

Davidson's comments follow Scottish Conservative MPs Alister Jack, Stephen Kerr and Colin Clark joining 62 UK Conservative colleagues in signing a letter to the Prime Minister calling for full regulatory autonomy after Brexit with no prevention of trade deal negotiations with other countries.

She also said she expected the Prime Minister to "push back" on the Irish question in her key Brexit speech on Friday.

Davidson said a customs union is one way of dealing with the border question "but there are other ways".