WE have been asked what The National is looking for from the indy movement, and, in general, we want Yes groups and other pro-independence organisations to let us know what is going on.

If you want to tell us what your group is doing then please do – it makes our job easier and we want the authentic voice of YesDIY.

Don’t go on too long – 400 words max – and don’t worry about the spelling and grammar, as we’ll do our best to fix that.

The following from Gordon Gow is a good example of a report on a group’s activities, though not everybody gets Scotland’s Brexit Minister Mike Russell to their meetings!

Gordon told us: “Bored with Brexit? Me too. At least until Monday night when Brexit Minister Mike Russell paid a visit to the Maryhill Community Central Hall to speak and answer questions on Scotland’s future and the process of Brexit.

“The free community event, organised by SNP Maryhill & Springburn branch, was a huge success. With more than 200 people signing up through Eventbrite in advance and tickets supplied on the door, Mr Russell spoke and took questions from a packed floor of community members.

“As the latest in a series of ‘discussion nights’ – previous speakers included Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug) and former MSP Rob Gibson – this event was focused on Brexit, billed as ‘the most important political issue of our time!’

“Originally intended for the smaller of the two halls in the community centre, the hosts then upgraded it to the larger capacity hall, due to a high demand for tickets.

“In the hall where Gordon Brown made his final ‘No’ plea in September 2014, this time, there were no flags or banners, no long speeches or press calls. Just a real politician answering real people’s questions on how Scotland’s interests can be protected now in the process of leaving the EU.

“He began by immediately condemning any criticism of those who voted Leave in the EU referendum in June 2016.

“His interesting tales included the story of his father who was shot at the battle of Dunkirk, his compelling quest for peace and how there must never be war within Europe again.

“He touched on the reasons for the UK joining the EU in 1973, and the need to do so, for fear the UK would become isolated as a non-EU country.

“He also informed the hall that on Wednesday [today], the EU will release text of what they believe has been agreed legally with the UK to date.

“And he welcomed the change of stance by the Labour party on the customs union, announced by Jeremy Corbyn earlier that day.”