Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 this morning, and said she would refuse to sign up to any legislation which would undermine the Scottish Parliament and the devolution settlement.

Mike Russell, writing in The National today, was bullish in explaining why the Scottish Government would not back down on Westminster's attemped grab of powers which are to return from Brussels.

Here's our news story this morning with the latest developments.

And Sturgeon emphasised Russell's point today. "It's not about getting more power," she told the BBC. "It's about keeping the power we have.

"This is about protecting the devolution settlement and even if people have suspicions, I can’t believe why they would, that me as an SNP First Minister is behaving in the way you’d describe, well you’ve got a Labour First Minister in Wales who’s taking exactly the same way."

"How hard line are you willing to be?" she was then asked.

She replied: "I will not sign up to something that effectively undermines the whole foundation on which devolution is built and no First Minister, not Scottish Government worth its salt should do so.”

You can watch the whole video, in which the FM says she think it’s very likely the Scottish Government will block the Brexit Bill, below: