FLAT Earthers have rented a shop in Inverness to promote their theory that the Earth is not round.

Passers-by will be hit by the message that they have been "lied" to, followed by the claim that "we do not live on a spherical rock hurtling through a vacuum".

A list of 50 questions posted in the window of the rented space also raise doubt over the evidence surrounding gravity.

Lib Dem councillor Alex Graham has welcomed the campaign group, known as The Flat Earth, to Inverness' streets.

Speaking to STV, Graham stated "Unfortunately, Greig Street has had several empty shops recently and anything that helps boost the occupancy is to be welcomed."

He went on to clarify that, while he does believe the Earth is round, people are "very much entitled to have a different view on that as long as debate is peaceful."

A spate of anti-round Earth graffiti has recently started appearing on road signs in Inverness, and along the A9 from last year.

Police are investigating the vandalism.

The theory that the Earth is flat is generally recognised to have zero scientific credit.