ALTHOUGH it’s great that one of our Scottish queens is being honoured with a whisky, the underlying issue is the damage to our Scotch whisky industry (Winter warmer in name of queen, The National, February 21). There are already rumours about the Scotch Whisky Association slackening the regulations that protect our Scotch. Remember most of the distilleries in Scotland are owned by foreign companies, and they have no real interest in protecting Scotland’s industry. If they see a possibility of making money by making fusion whisky or adding flavours that should not be in whisky then they will do it.

Currently regulation is that only Scotch whisky can be made and exported in Scotland. To be Scotch is has to be no less than 40 per cent alcohol, be made and matured in Scotland and made with only Scottish water, yeast and grain/malt. This whisky in your article is not Scotch, so I understand that to make this “fusion” we would have exported our Scotch to be blended and bottled in another country. We can’t stop this from happening, but what we should be advertising is the importance of keeping our whisky industry pure, not compromising its integrity.

Monica Povil