DONALD Trump Jr has arrived in New Delhi to sell luxury apartments and lavish attention on wealthy Indians who have already bought units in a Trump-branded development outside the Indian capital.

Newspaper ads carried in almost every major Indian newspaper promise that buyers who order apartments in the development by Thursday will receive “a conversation and dinner” with Trump Jr a day later.

His father, US president Donald Trump, has pledged to avoid any new foreign business deals during his term in office to avoid potential ethical conflicts. While the projects that Trump Jr is promoting in India were inked before his father was elected, ethics experts have long seen the use of the Trump name to promote even existing business ventures as tricky territory.

The distinction between old and new projects can be hazy, they note, and new deals can be shoehorned into old.

Donald Trump Jr posed for photos in New Delhi with Indian developers building complexes in four cities. Later in the week, he is scheduled to make a speech about Indo-Pacific relations at a New Delhi business summit, sharing the stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While the Trump construction site in Gurgaon is just mountains of dirt and unruly shrubbery at present, a handful of guards insist on keeping journalists out of the area.