IF you thought Brexit couldn't get any worse...you were wrong.

One of the highlights of Scotland's independence campaign was the music. We had swathes of talented and funny musicians composing music during our carnival of democracy, from the incredible Lady Alba to Macanta.

Even the No campaign's astro-turf project Vote No Borders managed to punt out a song called "Why Build Another Wall".

However, musical interjections were somewhat missing from the Brexit campaign. Maybe it should have stayed that way.

Former UKIP candidate Mandy Boylett has released a new track that some online are referring to as "music".

The pumping beat encourages Theresa May to walk away from Brexit negotiations without a deal, while berating the audience with "No Divorce Bill" set to the tune of 2 Unlimited's classic "No Limit".

Meanwhile, Union flag clad dancers wave their arms with about as much enthusiam as Theresa May answers questions on trade deals.

Really, you have to see it to fully experience it.

And if that doesn't do it for you, you can always have a listen to Boylett's UKIP ringtone, available for download on her YouTube page.