CONSERVATIVE MP Stephen Kerr gave an absolute car crash of an interview on Good Morning Scotland over the UK Government's Brexit impact analysis.

Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell once again declined to speak to the BBC, and sent in Kerr, the MP for Stirling, instead. What happened next probably made him regret that decision...

Presenter Gary Robertson opened the interview by asking Kerr if the Westminster Government was treating Holyrood with contempt over how MSPs will be allowed to view key Brexit documents.

Kerr became flustered before stating that "I know how this looks" before Robertson told him that it looked like a "shambles".

Eventually he sheepishly agreed that ministers having access to the documents for only two days, not including lunch times, was not exactly the best, but it was meant "sincerely".

When asked why the public could not see the documents, despite the fact that they had already been leaked, the Stirling MP quickly tried to change the subject. 

He then became confused and claimed that the leaked papers showing Scotland's economy would take a nine per cent dip after Brexit were only early drafts - before then stating that he believed the analysis.

Robertson then took Kerr to task over his Tory colleagues claims that Scottish Government Brexit analysis was scaremongering when in fact the UK Government's analysis was WORSE. He asked if it was time to apologise. Not surprisingly, he would not answer that question...

You can listen to the entire awkward interview on the BBC radio player here.