SCOTTISH Labour MSP Jackie Baillie was branded a hypocrite on Twitter after appealing to Donald Trump for more information on Prestwick Airport's alleged use in US military activities.

Baillie tweeted at Donald Trump asking for clarification over allegations published in the Guardian that Prestwick Airport, a publicly-owned airport, was being used for live missions by the US Air Force as well as building connections with Donald Trump and his nearby golf course.

Baillie tweeted:"Hi @realDonaldTrump, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister won’t give us answers about Glasgow Prestwick Airport. Can you help me out?

"The Scottish Government don’t like to admit their private deals with the US Air Force at Prestwick Airport and Trump Turnberry. How much do you pay them? Are you getting a good deal?

"Do you think the Scottish Government should be using Scottish taxpayers money to subsidise the US Air Force and Turnberry Hotel? Would be really helpful to have your view."

However the Labour MSP quickly came under fire for what many users percieved as hypocrisy due to the fact that Trident, the nuclear weapons system that the UK rents from the US, is based in her own constituency.

While criticising the Scottish Government's alleged role in overseeing the bidding for US military contracts, Baillie seems all too keen to keep a different American-owned weapon on Scotland's shores.

In a 2015 vote in the Holyrood parliament, Baillie was the only Scottish Labour MSP to vote against scrapping Trident.

The Dumbarton MSP has long been a vocal supporter of keeping weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde.

Twitter users were quick to challenge her over her inconsistent position.

 Donald Trump has yet to respond to Baillie's tweets.