DAVID Mundell has refused to speak to the BBC about the leaked Brexit forecasts.

New details emerged yesterday of leaked estimates showing that the Scottish economy would grow up to nine per cent slower than it would if it stayed in the EU.

However, when the Secretary of State for Scotland was approached by the BBC to discuss the latest findings, he refused.

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Gary Robertson, the presenter of Good Morning Scotland, confirmed that Mundell had "declined" to speak about the Brexit forecasts this morning.

Responding to Robertson's tweet, many social media users asked why Mundell wasn't being "doorstepped" for an answer.

Mundell originally denied that the analysis existed, while Scottish Tories claimed the Scottish Government were "scaremongering" when they published their own similar analysis last month.

Peter Grant MP called the  leaked analysis “grim reading”, and said: “Theresa May must now end the shameful secrecy surrounding the UK Government’s Brexit plans and publish the papers in full.

“The Tories must explain why they accused the Scottish Government of scaremongering when their own government was covering up similar findings.

“The leak underlines the case that remaining in the single market and customs union is the only way to minimise that economic harm.

“It’s time Theresa May stood up the Brexit hardliners and put jobs and living standards first.