The SNP has demanded that the UK Government publish in full its secret Brexit analysis, after leaked details of the papers revealed the devastating impact of leaving the EU on the Scottish economy.

The report reveals that Scotland faces a reduction in GDP by 2.5% if we remained in the single market, 6% under a free-trade agreement and 9% should there be no deal at all.

These figures were remarkably similar to analysis published by the Scottish Government – and revealed first by The National – earlier this month. 

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David Mundell denied last year that any such analysis existed, and when the First Minister's report was released last month many Scottish Tories described it as “scaremongering”.

Mundell, Ruth Davidson or Adam Tomkins - who dimissed the Scottish Government's analysis – are yet to comment on the latest revelations.

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The SNP have demanded that the Tories explain themselves.

Peter Grant MP said: “The UK government’s leaked internal Brexit analysis makes for utterly grim reading. Theresa May must now end the shameful secrecy surrounding the UK government's Brexit plans and publish the papers in full - which we now know will have catastrophic consequences for Scotland and the UK’s economy.

“The Tories must now explain why they accused the Scottish Government of scaremongering when their own government was covering up similar findings. The leak underlines the case that remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union is the only way to minimize that economic harm. It’s time Theresa May stood up to the Brexit hard-liners and started putting jobs and living standards first.”