We finally know what the UK's Brexit impact analysis says about Scotland – and it doesn't make for pretty viewing. 

The Treasury has predicted that under all three scenarios – staying in the single market, a free trade deal and no deal at all – Scotland would be much worse off. The numbers were pretty much exactly what the Scottish Government's own analysis, released last month, showed.

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The UK's leaked report says the Scottish economy would grow 9% SLOWER with no deal than it would if it stayed in the EU. With a free trade agreement, we would take a 6% hit, whereas if Scotland were to stay in the single market our economy would be dealt a 2.5% blow.

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So surely confirmation of these awful figures means that it's now time for Labour, Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard to wise up to the fact that the best thing for Scotland is no Brexit at all – or at the very least a deal which retains our place in the single market?

Ah. Despite the fact that the Treasury's analysis literally proves there is NO such thing as a good deal for Scotland, Leonard spectacularly missed the point again.

SNP Pete Wishart MP tweeted back immediately: "How about starting to lift a finger to stop this madness instead of just backing the Tories in taking us out? At least join us to secure single market membership?"

Our thoughts exactly, Pete.