TORY MSP Peter Chapman has been accused of “selling access” after he broke Holyrood rules by asking for money to spend time with him in Parliament.

The North East politician offered lunch in Holyrood and a tour of the Scottish Parliament as an auction prize for a Tory Christmas fundraising lunch in December.

Strict rules forbid MSPs using or offering parliamentary resources to fundraise “for party political purposes.”

The Tories said it was honest mistake and have refunded the auction winner his bid - believed to be less than £100.

But the SNP’s Stewart Stevenson said Chapman was “selling out access to wealthy donors in order to boost party funds,”

He accused the Tories of holding the public in contempt: "Peter Chapman and the rest of his Tory chums think they're above the rules, but time and time again they keep getting caught out.”

A spokesman for the Tories said: “Mr Chapman has not been made aware of any complaint. However, if any rules have been broken, then there was certainly no intention to do so.”

A Scottish Parliament spokesman said: “As a matter of standard practice we do not comment on or confirm whether a complaint has been made to the SPCB.”