EMMA Cochrane Design specialises in surface patterns inspired by Scotland’s natural environment.

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Cochrane began her career on an entirely different path, working in the third sector.

It wasn’t until she was made redundant that she discovered her true passion.

She explains: “My plans to follow a career in art and design didn’t materialise when I was a teenager and I followed a different path. After 12 years in the third sector, I was made redundant and I signed up to an Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (ABSPD) course.”

After completing all four ABSPD modules and polishing her creative talents, Cochrane decided to launch her own design label in her native city.

The brand specialises in creating bespoke surface pattern designs for a range of handmade products, with Cochrane ensuring each design is created from original artwork.

She also strives to keep production local and all fabric products are printed and manufactured in Edinburgh. Cochrane uses local micro manufacturers to maintain quality and transparency through-out production.

She says: “The linen I use is from just over the bridge in Fife, so the products I manufacture in this fabric are designed, printed and manufactured within a 30-mile radius.”

Cochrane takes inspiration from the natural environment of Edinburgh and Scotland. She begins her designs by drawing or painting by hand, injecting freedom and movement into her work. She often uses nature-based objects to create interesting and spontaneous patterns.

The brand’s latest collection, entitled The Contemporary Collection, was inspired by Cochrane’s local environment and features three key designs – The Spray, Shell Spots and The Leith Geometric.

The Spray sees Cochrane take a modern approach to a traditional theme. She uses bold colour or striking monochrome as a contrast to the delicate design.

The remaining two themes act as a gentle contrast to The Spray, offering a softer aesthetic. The Leith Geometric features soft greys, purples, rose and coral using photos Cochrane took in Leith as inspiration, while Shell Spots has its roots in Gullane Beach.

Since launching her brand in 2016, Cochrane has continued to go from strength to strength. She has won a Barker and Stonehouse cushion pattern design competition and featured in the Make It In Design Summer School Look Book. She also reached the shortlist of three Tigerprint competitions for character design, floral surface pattern and mark making.

Cochrane has high hopes for the year ahead. She plans to work with potential stockists to sell her own manufactured line of homewares and stationery with a view to using trade shows as a platform for them.