NEIL Findlay has fired off ANOTHER ill-thought out tweet that quickly attracted criticism and ridicule on Twitter.

As the EU Withdrawal Bill makes its way through the House of Lords, the Scottish Labour MSP chose to attack the SNP for their "failure to nominate people to sit in that place" – despite Findlay himself being opposed to the unelected second chamber.

Critics were quick to point out that Labour had been promising to scrap the House of Lords for nearly 100 years and had several chances to do so while previously in power.

One user tweeted: "Please. Your party abandoned the Jenkins Commission in 1999 and the Straw reforms in 2007. You have been talking the talk for decades while stuffing the Lords with cronies, not to mention “cash for peerages” 2006."

Others were a little more ... direct in their critique.

One Twitter user wrote "A little word you may not understand Neil 'principles'"

Another stated: "I do not regard principled decisions to reject that nest of parasites as folly. Please do not defend other parties appointing pals and party favours to that cynical den of ermine, iniquity and prviliege."

Another user just tweeted back a picture of some mince.

At the time of publishing this article the tweet had been shared 12 times and received over 137 replies.

Findlay's tweet comes a day after Baroness Michelle Mone, a Tory peer, called elected MP Stewart McDonald a "moron" before boasting that she would be a Baroness "for life".

Findlay also recently caused outrage on Twitter after making fun of Scottish accents while attacking The National.