LINGERIE tycoon and Tory lord Michelle Mone branded Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald an "SNP Moron" during a Twitter spat today.

Responding to a post about Mone apparently becoming the "No1 best selling designer jewellery brand on QVC!", McDonald tweeted: “How thrilling. Since becoming a Baroness and legislator – for which she is entitled to £300 per day – Ms Mone has submitted no questions to the government and taken part in only two votes. Still, she’s sold some jewellery.”

Mone fired back: “What are u talking about u SNP MORON! I have voted over 78 times, not twice! I’m a Global entrepreneur with 9 biz interests not a full time MP like u! The difference is I’m a Baroness for life, whereas u will be out of ur MP job in no time.

“My £300 allowance goes to charity,what do you do with your £316 per day? Now off you trot & get on with your day job.”

Records show that Mone has voted 68 times in the House of Lords and spoken only twice, which may be where McDonald's figure came from.

He was, however, correct in stating that she had submitted no questions to the government.

Following the argument being covered in the Scottish Sun, McDonald tweeted that he had "made it in life".

He added: "Quite happy to compare my record to my constituents against Ms Mone's any day of the week. Revealing that she doesn't tell us why, in the time she has been a Baroness, she's not been able to think of a single question to put to the government."