GAVIN Williamson, the Defence Secretary and Tory leadership hopeful, has called for EU flags at all Ministry of Defence buildings to be replaced by Union flags in a bid to boost “British pride”.

The publicity hungry minister was reportedly stunned to see the official symbol of the EU flying outside the Whitehall HQ of the MoD and told officials to take them down.

An insider told the Sun: “Gavin said he saw no reason why they should waste any time on delaying the removal of the EU flags.

“He wants more British pride displayed around the building as Britain gets ready to quit the EU.”

The source added: “He feels the Government has a duty to deliver Brexit for the 17 million who voted for it.”

Just last week senior Tories practically accused Nicola Sturgeon of treason after reports emerged claiming the Scottish Government had ordered the Union flag be flown less over official buildings.

“The SNP government should be more concerned with raising standards, not lowering flags. Dismal stuff,” Ruth Davidson tweeted.

David Mundell told the House of Commons this week that it “beggars belief” that the SNP are banging on about flags when “educational standards are falling and Police Scotland is in chaos”.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, called it a “tawdry attempt to sow more division”.

The Scottish Government clarified that all that had changed recently was that the practice informally agreed between the Monarch and former First Minister Alex Salmond had now been formalised, with new written guidance prepared by a civil servant.

As the flag stooshie emerged in Scotland, down south Williamson was confessing to the press that in 2004 he had a brief extra-marital flirtatious relationship with a younger colleague while he was a manager at Elgin and Hall, a fireplace manufacturer in Yorkshire.

Williamson said he decided to leave the company to save his marriage.

But there have been rumours that he was let go from the company after the colleague reported Williamson's behaviour to her line manager.

Sources at the firm told the Guardian, a meeting was held to discuss the issue with senior executives from the firm’s parent company Aga Foodservice Group.

While that story was simmering, Williamson then gave an interview to the Daily Telegraph where he accused Russia of trying to disrupt Britain's power supplies, an action that "could cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths".

Security sources said they were concerned the minister had revealed confidential information.

Number 10 have said the allegations around the “fling” were a “private matter”. The Defence Secretary claimed it “never went further” than sharing  a kiss with the woman.

Asked if Theresa May had “full confidence” in Williamson, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman replied: “Yes.”