SCOTLAND has been announced as one of the eight new civilisations in the Rise and Fall expansion to Civilisation 6.

Led by Robert the Bruce, players of the popular game will soon have the chance to lead the Scottish nation from the distant past to the near future.

The social media accounts for Sid Meier's Civilisation teased that Scotland could be a part of the expansion yesterday, with images of a tree, a spider and the Loch Ness Monster.

However, a video released on Wednesday afternoon confirmed what many had suspected.

Take a look at the new Robert The Bruce character here.

According to the announcement trailer, Scotland's unique ability will be the "Scottish Enlightenment" and will help boost science and productvity in happy cities.

The unique improvement for the nation will be the golf course, which provides gold and can provide culture if built next to an entertainment district.

Players will also get the new and unique Highlander unit to battle and, using the Bannockburn trait, can use them fight a War of Liberation.

The video concludes that Scotland is "a science and production powerhouse", meaning players who choose Robert The Bruce have the option to target more than one type of game victory.

Finally, the trailer asks: "Can you create an enlightened, independent Kingdom?"

The National's video games columnist, Scott Tumilty, responded to the news saying: "Given that the Civilization games have stolen my wife on several occasions (matched only by anything involving Adam Driver), it’s comforting to know that the next great leader she runs off with will at least be closer to home."

He added: "Also, please make the Scottish accents better than the ones in Age of Empires 2."

In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, due out on February 8th 2018, the game's makers promise players, who get the game for their PC or their iPad, the opportunity to "lead nations to golden ages" and "watch others buckle under their own weight."