SCOTLAND looks set to star in one of the world's biggest and most popular games, with the makers of Civilization VI hinting in a video on the official Facebook page that their much awaited expansion pack would feature Robert The Bruce. 

The new expansion pack, Rise and Fall, will feature nine new leaders and eight new civilisations. And the video clearly contains a spider, and what appears to be the Loch Ness Monster. On social media, the game's fans were pretty sure it meant the game was coming to Scotland.

The Civilization franchise has been running for 25 years and sees players select a nation and play as an historical leader, building an empire and defeating enemies. 

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The National's video games columnist, Scott Tumilty, responded to the news saying: "Given that the Civilization games have stolen my wife on several occasions (matched only by anything involving Adam Driver), it’s comforting to know that the next great leader she runs off with will at least be closer to home."

He added: "Also, please make the Scottish accents better than the ones in Age of Empires 2."

The last release in 2016 sold more than two million copies and gave gamers the choice of Theodore Roosevelt for USA, Cleopatra for Egypt, Qin Shi Huang for China, Hojo Tokimune for Japan, Victoria for England, Catherine DeMedici for France, Montezuma for Aztec and Pedro II for Brazil.

In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, due out on February 8th 2018, the game's makers promise players, who get the game for their PC or their iPad, the opportunity to "lead nations to golden ages" and "watch others buckle under their own weight."