NICOLA Sturgeon took to Twitter this morning to respond to allegations that she had ordered a change in policy over when the Union flag should be flown in Scotland.

The story was quickly demolished after featuring on the front pages of both the Scottish Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

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However, after dismantling the allegations made by the media, she turned her sights on a major opposition parliamentarian who was promoting the story: the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

Sturgeon tweeted: "Memo to PM’s new ‘fake news’ unit. The first line of defence against fake news is for your own politicians to stop peddling it."

Theresa May recently announced a so-called "fake news" unit to help fight propaganda on social media – something that may have come back to bite Davidson this morning.

Since Ruth Davidson tweeted about the story, it has also been revealed that the Queen herself backed the change eight years ago.