The SNP's new party political broadcast is out — and it features a character who might seem quite familiar to followers of Scottish politics.

The video, titled "What has the SNP ever done for us?" and released on Twitter and Facebook today, is set during a house party, and one of the stars is a bespectacled hipster called Davey who can't stop banging on about the failings of the SNP government to other guests.

To Davey's surprise, the other partygoers starting listing some of the Scottish Government's achievements, like free tuition, climate targets, baby boxes and the scrapping of prescription fees, before Nicola Sturgeon also steps in to make late cameo.

Twitter users were quick to point out the character's resemblance to the well-known Unionist commentator, and biographer of Sturgeon and Alex Salmond, David Torrance.

Torrance tweeted when the video was released: "Here's the new SNP PPB, still claiming credit for the Borders Railway, Free Personal Care and free pensioner bus passes as, um, SNP achievements in government..."

"Is Davey supposed to be you?" he was quickly asked.

"I'm afraid I don't have the inside track on SNP PPBs!" he replied.

He later added: "The real David Torrance would have pointed out that the SNP weren't responsible for free personal care and the Borders Railway..."

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