GLASGOW-based skincare studio 33Dowanhill likes to do things differently.

The studio was founded in 2016 by facialist Jo Laxton, who has travelled the world to experience and learn different facial techniques. Bringing those skills to Glasgow, she opened her studio to fulfil her dream of challenging the modern-day skincare market with a firm focus on catering for the individual.

She explains: “I feel that the current skincare market is focused purely on flaws and a lack of transparency. This ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach makes it incredibly difficult for people to make informed decisions about their skincare needs and products that will work effectively.”

To realise her ambition, Laxton has created a space where clients can experience the top skincare treatments using a carefully selected range of products.

From natural and organic to the latest scientific skincare wonders, Laxton stocks a variety of products to cater for a range of different skin types.

To further distinguish itself, 33Dowanhill does not align itself with any one brand. This means the team have the freedom to select the best products in the global skincare market and, ultimately, the best products for their clients’ skin.

In addition to skincare, Laxton’s passion lies with making clients feel good about themselves – she is driven by her desire to help people feel confident, treating each client as unique and individual.

She explains: “I love making sure that each and every client feels taken care of, is given unbiased advice and, most importantly, leaves feeling positive about their skin, understanding how to continue that post-facial glow and implement effective routines for themselves.”

Individuality acts as the studio’s primary ethos. The team at 33Dowanhill felt that the majority of facials on the market failed to take into consideration individual skin needs and personal preferences and sought to challenge this.

“When it comes to skincare products, one size definitely does not fit all. A product might work wonderfully for your friend or family member, but that does not mean it will for you.”

Out of the studio’s ethos, the 33Dowanhill Signature Facial was born, a unique facial tailored to cater for an individual’s skin type and skin needs.

Each treatment is exclusively designed after a discussion with a 33Dowanhill facialist – although it will always include a deep double cleanse, acid exfoliation, facial massage and multi-masking.

Throughout the facial, clients will be treated with a tailor-made cocktail of serums, oils and balms that will help the skin glow, plump and hydrate.

The team believe it is their approach to skincare that sets them apart from other studios.

Laxton explains: “The way we approach each and every client and their skin is why we are different.

“No two people have the same skin issues, concerns or personal preferences towards treatments so therefore there is no reason to have a treatment menu.”

While Laxton and her team will continue to do things differently, one element will remain the same – 33Dowanhill will always educate and build the confidence of women through the power of skincare.

“We want to be a friendly and informative face in what can sometimes be the overwhelming and intimidating world of skincare. We want to demystify skincare and enable clients to have the best skin they can.”