A CHARITY is urging people to carry out a random act of kindness today to help turn “Blue Monday” into Braw Monday.

It is claimed that this is the most depressing day of the year thanks to a mix of weather conditions, debt levels, and other factors.

Mental Health Foundation Scotland says there is no clinical evidence to support this and that people experience mental health problems all year around.

However, research shows that helping others can be beneficial to our mental health and the organisation has drawn up a list of 50 ways to be kind to others – or ourselves. Suggestions include sending flowers to a friend, offering to cook for a friend or family member, baking a cake for your colleagues, or having a conversation with someone who is experiencing homelessness.

You could make someone laugh, offer to pick up a friend or family member from work, or have a clear out and take items to a charity shop.

Mental Health Foundation policy manager Toni Giugliano said: “There’s absolutely no clinical evidence behind Blue Monday but it’s an opportunity, as we think about the year ahead, to think about what we can do for our mental health, and we we recognise the opportunity it brings to help break down stigma.”