Anjelica Huston on James Joyce: A Shout in the Street, BBC 4, 9pm
AT first glance, Anjelica Huston may seem an odd choice to present this documentary. After all, she’s an American actress, a member of a Hollywood dynasty, while he was an Irish literary giant. However, Huston spent much of her childhood in Ireland where her father, legendary director and actor John Huston, had a home in County Galway. His final film was an adaptation of Joyce’s story The Dead, in which his daughter starred. Here, she explores the great writer’s life and work, as well as his continued influence on the arts.

The Undateables, Channel 4, 9pm
IT is generally agreed that real-life romance can never be as good as it looks on-screen. However, that hasn’t stopped one of tonight’s hopefuls searching for a relationship that wouldn’t look out of place in the movies. Nisar is a huge Bollywood fan, but can the trainee accountant overcome the stammer that has so far hindered his dating prospects? Also on the lookout for love is PhD art student Daniel. He has Asperger’s and sometimes struggles to read social cues. However, the vinyl record collector is determined to make sweet music on his date and end up in a relationship.

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life, BBC 2, 9pm
THIS edition follows staff of the surgical unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham as they carry out a procedure so formidable it would not have been attempted even a few years ago. Cardiac surgeons put 67-year-old Bob Moran on bypass, stopping his heart, chilling his body temperature and draining him of all his blood to allow Rupesh Bhatt and Richard Viney to remove a rare kidney tumour.

Not So Sweet Sixteen, Channel 5, 10pm
IN the second part of this documentary, Freya dons her Louboutins as she gathers a select few for an extravagant soiree at her millionaire dad’s mansion.