PARIS police have recovered some jewels stolen from the Ritz Hotel in a multimillion-euro robbery but are still searching for two thieves and the rest of the missing jewels.

The dramatic heist on Wednesday evening raised questions about security in one of the world’s most prestigious areas, the Place Vendome, whose well-guarded buildings include the Justice Ministry, high-end boutiques and the 19th century Ritz.

Workers cleaned up shattered glass yesterday morning and started to repair damage from the robbery. Otherwise, business appeared to be returning to normal at the Ritz, with no significant increase in security.

Three suspects entered the hotel through an unmarked side door, smashed display cases and threw bags of goods worth €4.5 million (£3.9m) out of a window to at least two accomplices outside.

The three inside were then blocked when they tried to flee through another door, and soon arrested, an official said.

The accomplices outside fled, one on a motorcycle and another in a car. The motorcyclist dropped a bag with jewels and hatchets when his motorcycle hit a pedestrian during his escape, the official said. The pedestrian was slightly injured.

Other jewels were found scattered amid the debris of the shattered display cases during overnight clean-up efforts, the official said.