SNP MP Pete Wishart earned a rebuke from the Speaker of the House of Commons yesterday after he heckled Theresa May with a piece of paper.

The Perthshire politician asked May during Prime Minister's Questions to rate “on a scale between one and 10”, how she thought “Brexit is going”. Ten, he said, would mean “everything is going perfectly, we know what we want to achieve and we know how to get it; and one being chaotic cluelessness”.

He added: “I know what I would give the Prime Minister, but what would she give herself?”

Wishart’s question came in the wake of a ScotCen poll published yesterday showing 69 per cent of Scots voters think the UK Government is handling the Brexit negotiations process badly, up 12 points in just seven months.

As May started to answer, Wishart held aloft a piece of paper with the words “nul points”.

The Prime Minister looked disgusted.

Speaker John Bercow interrupted: “Let me just say to the honourable member for Perth and North Perthshire, whom I have known for a long time, that when he comes to reflect on his conduct, he will know that he can do better than that.”

May said: “Anybody who saw the success we had in negotiating phase one of Brexit, and getting that sufficient progress, will say that this Government knows what it is doing, and that it is getting on with the job and doing well.”

Bill Grant, the Tory MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, asked the Prime Minister to assure him “that the unique needs of Scottish farmers and, indeed, crofters will be taken into account” after Brexit.

May said the Government, would, after the UK leaves the European Union, “be able to put in place our own policy of support for farmers”.

She added: “We want that policy to recognise the particular needs of farmers in all parts of the United Kingdom, and that will of course include the particular needs of farmers in Scotland.