IN the interesting long letter from CJ Kerr (January 5) I note, once again, the call for some of us in the Yes Movement to put forward the economic case for the benefits to the Scottish economy which having its own currency could secure for an independent Scotland.

I hear this call time and time again, so it is crystal clear to me that there is a huge interest in Scotland for this case to be made.

Ronnie Morrison and I published a book on this subject in February 2014, and since that time we have been trying to put this case forward at every opportunity, but the fact is that there are very limited opportunities for the case for a clean, honest debate on this subject to be made, because there are too many strong vested interests vigorously opposed to any challenge to the current financial system, which they rely on to defend their interests.

CJ Kerr is right: there is a clear and sound case for Scotland to have its own currency and the Scottish economy would be significantly improved if run properly from Scotland. He is also right that the case for this should be available for open debate. The good news is that this case has been set down in writing and the debate is taking place. Anyone interested in this debate can contact us through the Scottish Independence Movement website at

Please contact us and join the open debate on this issue.

Andy Anderson
Campaign for a Clean Scottish Currency