GUY Verhofstadt, Brexit co-ordinator for the European Parliament, has caused outrage online over his response to the Catalan elections.

Catalonia went to the polls yesterday and, against all odds, elected a pro-independence majority in their parliament, winning 70 seats in the 135 seat assembly.

However, despite the election result, Verhofstadt took to Twitter to congratulate pro-union Ciudadanos for being the single largest party, before calling for a common way to "heal the Catalan society".

As several Catalan political leaders are currently either in jail or exile under Mariano Rajoy's regime, this response caused many to react in anger and disblief. The EU previously came under fire for its mild response to the brutal crackdown under Rajoy during the Catalan independence referendum itself.

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Many were quick to condemn Verhofstadt's position online, particularly as the party he congratulated only has 37 seats, and 68 are necessary for a majority.

Former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament Tricia Marwick tweeted: "You have already ruled out helping the situation so please stop making it worse by denying the pro Independence majority. Why not demand that Rajoy frees the political prisoners and restore democracy and powers to the Catalan Parliament."

SNP MP Pete Wishart said: "I just think that EU leaders have to get their heads round the prospect of more efficient and effective smaller nation states in a better future Europe. Look at the UK....."

Common Weal's Head of Policy Ben Wray stated: "Pro-indy leaders remain imprisoned despite Catalans once again returing a pro-indy majority, & he has the cheek to talk about generosity from everyone!? Free the prisoners and give the Catalans a legally binding referendum, Guy!"

Puigdemont, the ousted Catalan President, has remained in exile in Belgium since the end of October and has criticised Mariano Rajoy for his handling of the situation.

Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular failed dismally to attract support after the Spanish Prime Minister applied direct rule from Spain. His party now holds only three seats, after losing eight in this election.