SCOTLAND in Union aren’t feeling very united at the moment, after a schism over Brexit in the anti-independence organisation saw prominent members leave to start up their own campaign.

The newly founded Unity UK, is virulently anti-independence, anti-further devolution and, unlike Scotland in Union, strongly pro-Brexit.

Leaving the EU is going to be great, the organisation says.

Scotland in Union’s development manager, David Clews, and social media co-ordinator, Kyle Coats, are behind the new group, which formally launches in Glasgow today.

Clews is a former Renfrewshire councillor. In 2011, he ditched Annabel Goldie’s Tory party defecting to Iain Gray’s Labour.

Though he says he is still on/off Labour.

The posts shared by the group so far are somewhat provocative.

One posting says Britain should not pay its Brexit divorce bill because 382,600 military deaths in the Second World War mean: “We’ve paid the EU in full.”

In one post on the site, “Adam” of Cardiff writes: “The United Kingdom has paid its due to Europe through two consecutive world wars, standing alone in the face of Nazism while Europe collapsed, Britain stood alone – facing economic turmoil and bloodshed; all in the name of ensuring European freedom...”

He adds: “The British people are fed up of the European Union asking for more and more money. It is time our MPs stood up to these leeches, told them where to sling their hooks – Britain is going to leave the EU, deal or no deal, we shall prosper as a strong country.”

Another post says: “Sturgeon wants to block us from leaving the EU. Let’s tell her to get stuffed.”

In Trumpian language, the website accuse politicians arguing against Brexit of “betraying the British people”.

More than 2000 supporters have signed up to the site in the last fortnight.

Clews told The Herald: “I would describe ourselves as populist. We believe that in Scotland there’s a need for a much more aggressive pro-UK campaign, one that can remind people of the hope that being part of the UK can bring”.

The National understands the Scottish Resistance are considering staging a protest at the launch.

Former Labour MSP Graeme Pearson left his post as Scotland In Union’s chief executive in August, just seven months after taking the job.

The current chair in Pamela Nash, a former Labour MP.

Alistair Cameron who founded the group said: “Scotland in Union has no link to [UK Unity] at all. I would not call them a breakaway group. I’d call them individuals who were with Scotland in Union who have decided they want to do something else.”

SNP MSP George Adam said: “It’s refreshing to see the ultra-Unionists experiment with independence — taking their own future into their own hands. But it’s little wonder that this right-wing front is tearing itself apart over Brexit — much like Tory policy.”