EACH Scottish Tory MP has cost Scotland £265 million, according to the SNP’s Alan Brown.

During Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, the Kilmarnock and Loudoun MP shared his calculations with Theresa May.

Brown said: “Due to the £1 billion deal, the DUP MPs revel in the analogy that each one is worth more than Ronaldo.

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“Now when we look at the value of Scottish Tories, we need to consider the £2.5bn cut to Scotland’s budget, the £600m rail shortfall, the £200m carbon conversion that’s been stolen from us, and the £140m VAT refund we’re still due.

“Each one of the these Scottish Tories cost Scotland £265m,” he argued, adding: “Can we free transfer them?”

An unimpressed May fired back: “It’s time that when he stood up for his question he actually looked at the facts.

“It’s my Scottish Conservative colleagues who have ensured that in the Budget we were able to take steps in relation to the VAT status of Police Scotland and the fire services in Scotland.

“And he obviously hasn’t noticed, but I’m happy to repeat to him, as a result of the Budget £2bn extra will come to Scotland.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed the £2bn figure as “smoke and mirrors”.