A NEW Christmas single taking aim at Theresa May's chaotic government is hoping to reach number one in the charts – just to make sure the Prime Minister gets a chance to hear it.

"Will You Last Till Christmas" tells the story of Theresa May's downfall and features many of the highlights of her shambolic government over the last eight months, all in the form of a catchy Christmas tune.

Following a disastrous few days for May, the festive jingle's verse asking "Will you last till Christmas? Do you still have time?" seems especially relevant.

The song, by the Brexmas Puddings, was written and produced by Bonnie Prince Bob who is known for the hilarious "Saviour of the Union" mockumentary, as well as viral sensation "What Was Done"; a fictional look back at the present day from the future that told of an alternative world in which Jeremy Corbyn had won the general election.

The animated music video, created by Shaun Milne, has had over 25 thousand views across YouTube and Facebook and boasts a range of recognisable characters, from Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood to Owen Jones and Larry the Downing Street cat. The DUP also make a very special appearance.

Bonnie Prince Bob says the song came about after he was approached by Bella Caledonia's Mike Small who was looking for a piece of festive satire for the online magazine. "There was very little time," he said, "so a cheeky Christmas song seemed apt."

When asked if he thought Theresa May would actually last till Christmas, he responded "I don’t know how she's survived this long!"

Small, editor of Bella Caledonia, said "It's Bella Caledonia's first foray into the charts. Surreal times require surreal responses. It's been great to work with such talented producers - the difficulty is getting radio plays for something political, so please share share share!"

The song is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, and you can watch the full video, with sing-along subtitles, on Youtube.