BREXIT will take Scotland towards a “potential economic precipice”, according to leading historian, Professor Sir Tom Devine.

Speaking on The Alex Salmond Show on RT, Devine re-stated his belief that Brexit will not happen and said would put the question of Scottish independence back on the table.

In a special St Andrews Day edition of the show, Devine, who is the Sir William Fraser Professor Emeritus of Scottish History and Palaeography at the University of Edinburgh, was asked if Brexit would help the cause of Scottish independence.

Devine said: “Undeniably so, because it would put Scotland towards a potential economic precipice. And [Scottish] independence might start to be regarded as almost a lifebelt in that context.”

The historian went on to say: “The future is not my period. All one can say is, that this period of momentous change, if anything, will probably accelerate, especially technologically. And of course, within a few years, we’ll know more about the constitution position, because the Brexit thing will then be resolved for good or for ill.

“I am still on record as saying I don’t think it [Brexit] will happen.”

The historian is known for his broad-brush view of Scottish history and brought that into the discussion.

He said: “Scotland’s first economic miracle in the 18th century was very fast, much faster than England’s, but it is nothing to compared with the last 30 or 40 years. Its culture, economy, politics, religion even, and even identity, they have been transformed over this period. It’s an unprecedented period especially in Scotland’s history of change.”

While discussing how the European dimension will affect the Scottish constitutional debate, Devine said: “If Brexit happens, then the debate is very much back on the table, and it’s alive again. If it doesn’t happen, then it might be a difficulty, especially if there is a Corbyn victory in the next General Election.”

For the third week running, The Alex Salmond Show featured big-name exclusive interviews.

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