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1. What was the nickname of Scotland’s first King William?

2. Who is the most capped male Scottish footballer of all time?

3. What is Scotland’s longest river?

4. In what year was the Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland’s Declaration of Independence, written?

5. How many husbands did Mary Queen of Scots have?

6. Who captained the Scottish rugby team to the Grand Slam in 1990?

7. In which Scottish castle was the late Princess Margaret born?

8. Who died on 1 May, 1873, at Chitambo (now in modern Zambia)?

9. What is the name of the spectacular castle on a promontory near Stonehaven?

10. Name the collection of Scottish factual (mostly) historical stories by Sir Walter Scott?

11. The centenary of the death of which pioneering Scottish doctor was commemorated recently?

12. Name the golfer who was the last Scot to win the Open Championship and in which year?

13. Which castle is located at 100 St Andrews Drive, Pollokshaws, Glasgow?

14. By what collective name were the English invasions of Scotland between 1543 and 1547 known?

15. In which building in Scotland would you find the Apprentice or Prentice Pillar?

16. Which famous writer was born on the island of Raasay on 26 October, 1911?

17. In which Edinburgh graveyard is the Political Martyrs Monument to be found?

18. Which two Scottish cities have locations called Golden Square?

19. Which novelist was awarded an honorary degree by Stirling University last week?

20. What gender were the Wigtown Martyrs?

21. Whose first novel was HMS Ulysses, published in 1955?

22. Following the test of an anthrax device, which island off the Scottish coast was quarantined from 1942 to 1987?

23. In which Scottish village is located the oldest subscription library in Britain?

24. Where in Scotland would you find the Quirang?

25. In which branch or branches of the arts did Violet Jacob (1863-1946) excel?

26. Who is the most capped Scottish female footballer of all time?

27. From which disease did Robert Burns die?

28. Which continent is John McDouall Stuart (1815-1866) famous for exploring?

29. Who was the first surgeon to successfully remove a brain tumour in 1879?

30. What was the given name of the political movement in the Scottish Parliament that opposed the Act of Union in 1707?



1. The Lion;  2. Kenny Dalglish; 3. River Tay; 4. 1320; 5. Three; 6. David Sole; 7. Glamis Castle;  8. David Livingstone; 9. Dunottar: 10. Tales of  A Grandfather; 11. Elsie Inglis; 12. Paul Lawrie  in 1999; 13. Haggs Castle; 14. Rough Wooing; 15. Rosslyn Chapel;  16. Sorley MacLean; 17. Old Calton Burial Ground;  18. Aberdeen and Perth; 19. James Robertson; 20. Both were female; 21. Alistair MacLean; 22. Gruinard; 23. Leadhills; 24. Skye; 25. Poetry, literature; 26. Gemma Fay; 27. Endocarditis, developed after rheumatism, so both are acceptable - definitely not alcoholism; 28. Australia; 29. Sir William Macewen; 30. The Country Party.

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