SCOTTISH designer and rising star Ryan Cowie creates power clothing designed for the confident woman.

Born and raised in Aberdeen, Cowie started his eponymous label during his third year of university in the city. He began creating clothing in his bedroom – where he continues to produce his designs.

Despite having only been on the scene for three years, his talents have already been recognised by leading experts in the fashion industry.

After graduating in 2015, he was nominated for Scottish Design Graduate of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards. While he didn’t win, he has fond memories of the event – including seeing his favourite fashion designer and fellow Scot Christopher Kane.

For his work, Cowie has spent hours researching history, mythology, sci-fi and religious texts; this allows him to discover lesser-known female characters who may have been shunned for their power and confidence.

Taking his research further, he then focuses his attention on capturing the character and personality of the female powerhouses, with previous inspirations including magic-practicing Japanese Queens.

Reflecting on his approach, Cowie says: “Its become apparent to me that female characters in mythology or religion are always much deeper than simply being saints or sinners.”

To develop his designs, Cowie incorporates finer details associated with selected characters including architecture, plants or colour.

“I love seeing all the different ways I can structure women’s bodies with clothing to enhance or warp their silhouette, and how that affects the first impression they give to other people,” he says.

Cowie’s latest collection is inspired by 1920s German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr Calgari.

The black-and-white abstract film focuses on the idea of letting negative emotions and trauma take over to bring out the darker side of a person.

The collection includes asymmetrical corsets, hamburg-striped bodysuits and jumpers with oversized sleeves. For a bit of villainous glamour, Cowie included a Cruella De Vil-style fur coat.

Moving forward forward to spring/summer 2018, the label’s upcoming collection is set to contrast with the dark-natured autumn/winter 2017 range.

He has hinted that it will feature bright colours and flowers.

Cowie says: “My plans for the future really just involve working as hard as I can and trying to fulfil my dreams of dressing an army of women so that they can take on the world and conquer their goals.

“I’m not at all here to lead women, just support them in the best way I can because that’s what they’ve always done for me!”