YOUR front page headline, Tory MPs line up to oust May, certainly brightened up an otherwise dull, damp Monday (November 13).

What saddens me most is that the Prime Minister does not appear to recognise that she does not have the ability to lead the UK in any meaningful fashion. There is no use in blaming the Cabinet, all of whom she selected and appointed and who continue in post with her blessing.

Her administration has failed to address the impasse in Northern Ireland, and in respect of Brexit has treated the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly with contempt. Is this the actions of a Prime Minister who allegedly passionately believes in the United Kingdom?

Instead of a Conservative leadership election, perhaps it is time for a General Election, and the public – now that they know that the bizarre “promises” made during the EU referendum are not going to be fulfilled – should have the opportunity to pass judgment on the future direction of the UK.

If the Prime Minister is going to be left with any dignity whatsoever it is time for her go to the country and ask for a vote of confidence – let the people decide!
Thomas L Inglis