OH what a night, it was a showcase event in every respect and it didn’t disappoint. I was so glad I got the opportunity to go along and watch Andy Murray Live. It had everything you needed for a good family night out, lots of fun and laughter and some damn good tennis as well.

There are so many reason we have to be proud of the Murray family and Tuesday night was just another case in point.

With around 11,000 fans in attendance, it is hoped that funds raised from the night will exceed last year’s total of £305,000 which went to one of Andy Charities, Unicef, as well as a local charity – Young Peoples Future; this year the local charity that will benefit was Sunny-sid3up a small charity based in Pollock by founder, the late Chris Feeney.

We had Federer playing in a kilt, Andy Murray donning a ‘see you Jimmy’ hat and audience participation, the kind of which you will only get in Glasgow! It was brilliant.

No crowd trouble, no fan trouble and absolute silence when tennis was played, except for the odd “C’mon Andy”, “We love you Andy”, and of course “Gaun yerself big man!”. This is how sport should be, it should entertain, inspire and give back – this event had that in bucketloads.

Given that this was Andy first game since Wimbledon, he seemed to be pleased enough with his efforts and the match went to Federer as it finished on a tie-break after both men claimed a set 6-3

It was also great to read that the next morning, wife Kim had given birth to their second daughter, and I am sure the whole of Scotland will share in the joy of this new arrival and send their best wishes and congratulations to all the Murray family.

ANOTHER showcase event that has got my thinking is Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing. The main star of the show, at the moment, seems to be 58 year old Debbie McGhee.

Now, I’m not a fan of putting people’s age beside them to describe it, perhaps because I don’t like the number that would be linked to me! However in this case it is important for a couple of reasons. It lets young people see that those of us at the other end of the scale are still able to cut it and for those more mature individuals, it shows what can be achieved when you keep yourself fit and active. I’ve no doubt it takes more out of Debbie than some of the younger dancers, but determination and stamina are a strong combination.

GOING to the extreme in later life is what both Mimi Anderson and Audrey McIntosh do.

Mimi is 54 and an ultra-marathon runner who now lives down south. She is a multiple Guinness World Record holder and constantly looking for challenges that will push her to the limits beyond what most others wouldn’t even consider possible.

We also have Audrey McIntosh who in November 2013, made a bit of running history when she became the first Scot (and second British woman) to complete my Antarctic Odyssey – the Antarctic Ice Marathon and Antarctic 100km double – in the space of three days.

Both these ladies are an inspiration and show us that it is never too late to get fit and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

WELL, in the words of the Black Eyed Peas – ‘Tonights Going be a Good Night’ – it’s the SWiS Awards tonight and we have a line-up of talent from all across Scotland joining us to celebrate women in sport.

At the event we will also meet another inspirational lady Corrine Hutton, who had her hands and her legs amputated, after suffering acute pneumonia and septicaemia. She is now awaiting a hand transplant.

An emotional night I think, but I will tell more next week.

FINALLY don’t forget this week its #GirlsDoAthletics – check out the previous two programmes on our website – https://www.girlsdosport.co.uk/swis-tv/