SO, Catalonia’s government has declared the north-eastern Spanish state as an independent republic, heightening – were that possible – existing tensions with Spain’s central government in Madrid.

The Catalan people have spoken and the world has been watching. But has the rest of the world been listening?

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Europe’s silence after Spain’s state police tried to halt the October 1 referendum using levels of violence that shocked the world, was a disgrace and the subsequent statements of support for Mariano Rajoy’s actions from other member states made them complicit in it.

We know that Spain is a big player in the EU and there is a feeling that an independent Scotland may have to depend to some extent on its sway when we come to negotiate a place in Europe.

The National:

That may be a diplomatic poser for the future, but now the Scottish Government must end its silence on Catalonia and recognise its independence.

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Finnish MP Mikko Karna, who represents Lapland, immediately pledged to raise a motion in his parliament next week, recognising Catalonia.

It may be a small gesture, but it could mean the world to the Catalans, who will not have long to wait to find out what pressure – political or otherwise – Madrid will bring to bear to crush their dreams of secession.