SCOTTISH photographer Lesley Gray is the designer behind Neon Gray – a brand she describes as her “cooler, younger sibling”.

After returning from two years travelling the world during which she found her calling as a photographer, Gray turned her passion into a business, launching Lesley Williamson Photography (now Lesley Gray) in 2010. She then combined her love of photography with her love of design, launching her product line.

“I’m incredibly passionate about photography, but I also really enjoy design,” she says. “I love having my own product label ... Neon Gray is like my cooler, younger sibling, where I get to combine both photography and design to create a unique blend and produce the home and giftware products that I’d always wanted to.”

The National:

Neon Gray produces Scotland-inspired gifts with a focus on evocative photography and quirky design. Her most popular range, titled the “Banter Collection”, is a depiction of the Scottish sense of humour.

The range was inspired by Gray’s wanderings around her home city of Glasgow and she built up a collection of iconic images shot using aged filters.

There are greeting cards, coasters, place mats and magnets, with each piece featuring Scottish one-liners such as “Gonnae no dae that”, “Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye”, “Tea Jenny”, and “Pure dead brilliant”.

The Banter Collection was an instant hit across the UK as well as in countries such as Australia and the USA. “The demographic for the Banter range is huge,” she says. “I’ve been amazed by how well received it’s been! I have a lot of people buying from the range as gifts, and in future, I’d love to see the range in more shops and galleries, alongside other new collections that I am working on.”

Neon Gray also stocks a range of products including prints and tote bags that feature the photographer’s signature pineapple pattern and neon colouring.

Gray is currently working of a number of new projects. If 2017 is any indicator, 2018 certainly looks destined to be a very exciting year for the brand.

Instagram: @neongraydesign