SCOTTISH jewellery brand House of DeMu creates timeless pieces of inspired by Scottish heritage, from shipyards to unicorns to churches.

The company was founded in 2015 by Deborah Murdoch, a jewellery, design and manufacture graduate of the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, who then went on to study a course on diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America.

In addition to her education, Murdoch had had several first-hand experiences within the fashion industry. She was an in-house fashion model for Stella McCartney as well as an editorial and campaign model for brands such as Burberry and Zara.

Murdoch’s love for Scotland shines through in her jewellery; she reflects upon native heritage as inspiration for her designs. From the old shipyards to Scotland’s churches, each timeless piece has a unique story to tell and is crafted with the intention of becoming a family heirloom.

All the pieces are handmade in Scotland using non-conflict gemstones and precious metals as Murdoch says sustainable and ethical practices are a core value of the House of DeMu.

The brand currently offers two collections; The Fenestra, The Wilda and The Fine.

The Fenestra collection is inspired by the stained-glass rose windows found in Glasgow Cathedral. Each piece reflects ancient geometric patterns that honour the history and heritage of Scotland.

The Wilda (meaning “the untamed”) collection is inspired by Celtic mythology, with a particular focus on unicorns – the national animal of Scotland, as anybody reading this newspaper will know.

In 2018 Murdoch is due to launch her latest collection, The Fine. The range features an eclectic mix of unique pieces, including wedding jewellery, made from precious metals, ethically sourced diamonds, rubies and other precious gemstones.

Of the year ahead, Murdoch says: “I hope to expand House of DeMu into new stockists in the UK as we only have our own online presence at the moment, so we will be attending trade shows.”