EDINBURGH University has found itself at the centre

of an “alt-right” storm amid false claims one of their students is being investigated for “mocking Isis”.

Now the university says it is

worried about the effect the publicity might have on its students.

Robbie Travers, a law student and right-wing commentator, claims he is being investigated after he made a “jovial” reference on Facebook to Daesh fighters getting “72 Virgins” after the Americans dropped a bomb in Afghanistan.

Travers says this is down to a complaint from Esme Allman, a second-year history student. Infowars, the far-right, conspiracy theory-laden website of influential US radio host Alex Jones, first published the claims back in August.

The story was picked up this week by British newspapers, and it has now been covered by US news outlets including Fox News.

Oddly, Fox, in its coverage, has pointed out that Travers supports Donald Trump.

Yesterday, Edinburgh University told The National the claims were simply not true, in that while Travers was being investigated for breaching the student code of conduct, it was not for “mocking Isis”. It also said there were multiple complaints.

A spokesman said: “The University of Edinburgh is fully committed to

upholding the rights of its students and staff to freedom of expression within the law.

“It has not and would not consider

bringing charges of misconduct against any student for mocking Isis.

“However, the university also

requires students to act within its code of student conduct and in

accordance with its aims of providing an environment in which all members of the university community treat each other with dignity and respect.

“The university can confirm allegations have been received from other students that Mr Travers breached the code of student conduct, and the students concerned have provided a range of supporting evidence. The university has appointed a member

of staff to investigate these allegations and establish whether the

evidence, in its totality, supports the allegations. This investigation is

ongoing and the investigator has not yet reached a final conclusion.

“The university regrets that an

internal student conduct matter is being played out in the public arena, as this risks being harmful to all the students involved as well as damaging the integrity of the investigation.”

Recently Travers posted on Face-

book: “I feel a little like the last

bastion of sensibility, against a horde of illiberalism [sic] really. Well, if I’m going down, it will be fighting.”

Travers says he has “engaged legal advice to dismiss this nonsense”.