WE open tonight with a flashback to Robin’s disastrous wedding ceremony which ends in furious insults being hurled at the pathetic groom and Robin rounds off the horrible day watching her wedding dress being burned on a bonfire.

With the ritual burning of the dress, plus more heavy-handed scenes of sexism on the beach, and another meeting of the sweaty, prostitute-comparing nerds, it seems this week’s episode is following the last in determinedly portraying all the men as devils. This is fast becoming tiresome. Is it written by a teenage militant feminist?

More clichéd characters arrive when we meet a typically maverick pathologist. When he finds a foetus in China Girl’s womb he declares with glee, “Very well preserved! That’ll be all the salt water!” And Robin starts trying to make contact with Mary, which means things improve greatly when a jealous Nicole Kidman comes back on the scene.


THIS is the second series of the comedy drama about young black women getting to grips with life in Los Angeles.

Obviously it has been compared with Sex And The City, but it has a greater sense of rough reality to it. This isn’t about thin, pretty rich women swanning around Manhattan with a cocktail and a tulle skirt.

The American comedienne Issa Rae writes the show and has the starring role, playing a woman who works in LA with a charity for disadvantaged young people.

Where the Sex and The City girls had to contend with men, she is up against the problems of sex and sexism, plus a bit of casual racism.

In this new series, Issa’s character is trying to win back her ex-boyfriend but he seems a bit too keen on the single life, so she’s pining for him while keeping her options open with some internet dating.

How practical!