IT’S been a week since Boots stated their refusal to lower the price of the morning after pill and thus "incentivising inappropriate use". After a public backlash from citizens and MPs, and a boycott threat hanging over them, they’ve apologised and promised to look for cheaper alternatives. Whilst the high-street pharmacist lets go of its pearls to do the maths, women across England and Wales must look to competitors to fund their lavish impropriety.

But In Scotland, where the morning-after pill is free, attenuating for a lifestyle of concurrent anonymous Tinder hookups is just one of the many ways you can enjoy the spoils of sexual and social liberation. The great news for cash-strapped millennials north of the Border is just how versatile this medicine is. Here are just some of the ways you can transform this humble pill into something extra-special – for birthdays, Christmas or those days when you just feeling like treating yourself.

1) Maracas

WE all have to deal with unwanted attention from time to time, and this is the perfect hack for those frustrating times when making excuses and screaming ‘GO AWAY’ doesn’t work. Why not ditch the predictable splenetic and take a cue from our reptilian pals to say ‘LEAVE ME ALONE’ in style?

In just a few minutes you can fashion yourself a chic and practical warning device. Just take an empty 330ml bottle of your favourite diet beverage (make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned and completely dry!), fill with levonorgestrel pills and apply the lid securely. You can experiment with pill quantity for a variety of percussive sounds. How you decorate it is up to you – we love alternating stripes of colourful washi tape, spray paint ombre, or Mod Podge and glitter for something truly eye-catching.

For maximum effect, pair it with an erect, defensive posture. Keep your head high and your chin forward, while forming your body into an elevated coil. Use your preferred hand to raise your shaker and vibrate 50 times per second whilst maintaining eye contact and hissing intermittently.

A quick and easy make, perfect for last-minute gifts and stocking-fillers.

2) Appliqué

TOO poor to jump into the current 90s style revival? One word: stoning. You can breathe life into tired denim and get this season’s must-have look with a steady hand and a hot glue gun. First, use tailor’s chalk or an old pen to mark out the shape of your design on the back of your old jacket. Then apply a small blob of glue to the back of each pill, placing each one inside your markings, repeating until the design takes shape. Use any leftovers to add interest to buttons and create pleasing cuff details. You can even add a few to an old barrette clasp for a fully coordinated look that’s useful for the modern louche woman.

Not sure what to write? Try something flirty and fun like ‘MY BODY MY CHOICE’, ‘NO MEANS NO’ or ‘SCRAP THE SEXIST SURCHARGE’. Cute!

3) Jewellery

WITH just a few supplies you can turn surplus pills into a stylish and practical statement bracelet, with a nostalgic nod to childhood edible necklaces. Take 20 pills and start by drilling a small hole through the centre of each (husbands and dads usually have power tools you can borrow). Cut some elastic lace to the desired length, knot at one end and start threading. Tie the ends together, and voila – eye-catching jewellery in no time. Not only does it look great, you can crack them between your teeth and use as ad hoc projectiles as needed. The perfect accessory for nights out with friends.

4) Cocktails

WHO doesn’t love a margarita? With a few levonorgestrel pills you can add a contemporary twist to this classic cocktail. Start by chilling your glasses in the freezer for 30 minutes. When they’re ice cold, it’s time to give the glasses their iconic crust. Skip the salt and crush a couple of pills to a fine dust with a mortar and pestle (or between two desert spoons if you’re stuck), and spread the dust on a saucer. Run a wedge of lime around the rim of each glass and press it into in the powdered pill mixture. Next, combine one part tequila with 0.5 parts triple sec and shake with crushed ice. Strain the mixture into your glass and serve.

A perfect start to a messy evening. Even if you end up in the gutter in the remnants of pre-digested chips, you’ll know you’re covered wherever you wake up.

5) Party favours

ONCE upon a time, the mark of a good host was a dessert table. But who wants chocolate cake three ways when you’ve got a thigh-gap or beach body to work for?

Why not treat your gal pals to something they really want instead? It’s so simple to make a luxury feminine platter that’s Instagram-ready with just a few ingredients. Take two packets of applicator tampons (preferably a brand name) and lay them out in a sunburst from the centre of a tray, alternating absorbency for maximum visual impact. In concentric circles, place sanitary towels and panty liners like flower petals around your initial star. For the ultimate wow-factor, place a ramekin piled with emergency contraceptive pills in the centre. Leave the fussy dessert tables on Pinterest where they belong.

THESE are just some of the many ways irresponsible women can use their cheap emergency contraceptives. But don’t stop there – with a little imagination you can find a way to misuse this vital health intervention in a way that’s truly unique and personal to you.

Happy making!