A MEMBER of Scotland’s Justice Committee has contacted the country’s most senior prosecutor over the case of pensioners locked up over their anti-Trident protest.

Fulton MacGregor’s intervention was made on the same day The National revealed comic book giant Mark Millar has offered to fund the pair’s defence.

Brian Quail, 79, and 66-year-old Angie Zelter are on remand pending trial over a protest held close to Scotland’s nuclear base earlier this month.

The pair were part of a five-person road block near Coulport, part of HM Naval Base Clyde, and were placed on remand after failing to agree to bail conditions which would have prevented them from going within a set distance of the military site.

The other three people – Sam Donaldson, from Hull, Almudena Izquierdo Olmo, from Madrid, and Juan Carlos Navarro Diaz – accepted the restriction at Dumbarton Justice of the Peace Court.

Ex-teacher Quail, from Glasgow, instructed Millar in Latin and classics at St Ambrose High in Coatbridge and has undergone major heart surgery. He is being held at HMP Low Moss, while Zelter, from Wales, is in custody at Cornton Vale.

Both are expected to return to court early next month.

However, more than 3,000 people have signed a petition on the 38degrees campaign site calling for their release and Millar told The National the remand decision was “monstrous”, stating: “Had this happened in North Korea we’d be up in arms about it, but somehow in Scotland we’re talking about the new Doctor Who.”

Yesterday MacGregor, who represents Coatbridge and Chryston, sent a letter to Lord Advocate James Wolffe about the case.

It states: “I am contacting you about the ongoing case against Brian Quail and Angie Zelter in my capacity as a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee.

“Given the age of both accused, and the non-violent nature of the charges, I am writing to ask if you believe that remand is appropriate in this case?”

MacGregor continued: “You will be aware of the significant level of public interest in this case. I have been contacted by constituents who have told me of their concerns about these individuals being imprisoned for exercising their basic human right to protest, particularly Mr Quail who is remembered as a well-respected teacher at a local secondary school.

“You will understand that I and many of my colleagues share these concerns and I ask that you review this case urgently, with a view to releasing Mr Quail and Ms Zelter from prison.”

Responding, Jane Tallents of Trident Ploughshares said: “I welcome and value the support from everyone. I visited Angie Zelter today and she is in great spirits.”