SCOTLAND’s new Tory MPs have been blasted for “doing nothing” in the 20 days they’ve been at Westminster.

SNP MP Pete Wishart said the fledgling unionists and Brexiteers had spent their time in the Commons rubber-stamping Theresa May’s “damaging policies”.

A Tory spokesman hit back, saying the SNP had a “cheek to accuse anyone else of inaction”.

At last month’s General Election, despite a poor result elsewhere, the Tories had a strong night north of the Border, winning 13 seats — 12 more than they had the year before.

In the immediate aftermath, as May tried to strike a deal with Northern Ireland’s DUP in a bid to form a government, there were rumblings from her party’s Edinburgh offices with press reports suggesting Ruth Davidson would use the clout of her 13 parliamentarians to influence the weakened Prime Minister.

That, the SNP say, hasn’t happened.

In a dossier compiled by Nicola Sturgeon’s party in Westminster, and seen by The National, the SNP accuse Davidson’s new parliamentarians of “inaction”, voting only to block a pay rise for public sector staff.

They accuse them of missing crucial debates on EU seasonal workers in agriculture, and on the plight of the WASPI women.

The SNP also say there was no objection from the Tory MPs to government plans to close ten jobcentres across Scotland.

And there was, they add, complete silence on the DUP deal despite the fact that Scotland received no extra funding as a result, with Scottish Secretary David Mundell having promised otherwise.

The SNP say there has been “no reassurances or opposition from the Scottish Tories on the decline in the number of Type 26 Frigates scheduled to be built on the Clyde”.

During the first independence referendum, the UK Government told voters that 13 vessels would be built — but only in the event of a No vote. After the vote, that number dropped to eight.

It has now dropped down to three, with the Ministry of Defence insisting that the remaining five will be built but that negotiations on those contracts will now not start until the early 2020s.

The SNP also say the decision to make MEP and losing Westminster candidate Ian Duncan a Lord so that he could be appointed as junior minister in the Scotland Office, rather than giving one of the 12 new MPs the job, is indicative of what party bosses think about the quality of their new recruits.

Veteran SNP MP Pete Wishart said voters shouldn’t be surprised.

“The SNP said throughout the recent General Election campaign that Scottish Tory MPs would merely rubber-stamp Theresa May’s damaging policies – which is exactly what they are doing,” he said.

“It seems their own party know they’re not up to the job – the Tories were finally able to appoint a Scottish MP to serve under Mundell as Under-Secretary of State for Scotland.

“Despite this, they overlooked all 12 of the new MPs, opting instead to bring in Ian Duncan from his MEP role to fill the post, which not only means the Tories do not have any faith in their ability but it is a complete affront to democracy.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Tories said: “The SNP has a cheek to accuse anyone of inaction.

“Perhaps if nationalist MPs and MSPs had worked a bit harder, they wouldn’t have lost so many seats in recent elections.”