THE Tories have moved to suspend two councillors in Stirling for making bigoted and racist comments on social media before they were elected.

Councillors Alastair Majury and Robert Davies are now sitting as independents while Tory HQ investigates complaints about the men’s behaviour.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said they too were looking into the matter.

Majury, using the pseudonym Mulder81 on Twitter, regularly abused and attacked people who disagreed with his staunch pro-unionist views.

He likened Scottish nationalists to Nazis, dismissed homelessness and food support charities, attacked benefit claimants and moaned that the SNP spent too much time on gay marriage.

The Scottish Catholic Observer also unearthed tweets where Majury used sectarian insults, labelling someone as a “tarrier”, a highly derogatory word directed towards Catholics.

In 2012 he had also tweeted: “Why is the Catholic Church against birth control? Because they’ll run out of children to molest.”

The new councillor was suspended from the Dunblane Boys Brigade and censured by the minister from Dunblane Cathedral.

Davies, elected to represent the Forth and Endrick ward, sent posts comparing people of colour to cannibals.

One tweet read: “In the interests of security keep your loin cloths with you at all times. Spears go in the overhead locker.”

Another post over the same picture said: “No, I am not your lunch. I am your flight attendant.”

A third one read: “It’s going to be sodding difficult getting this lot into these tiny meal trays.”

A Scottish Conservatives spokesman said: “Both councillors have been suspended from the party pending an investigation.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Forth Valley can confirm that a report of offensive communications on social media was received on Wednesday, May 10 and inquires are ongoing.”

Earlier this week Ruth Davidson was forced to condemn James Heappey, a Westminster candidate in Wells in Somerset, who told a pro-independence schoolgirl to “fuck off back to Scotland”.

Heappey claimed the remark was supposed to be “humorous”.